Eat smarter. Live better.
Eat smarter. Live better.
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Why a Cronometer store?


Welcome to the store! Here you'll find all the swag that we wear and use around the office. Everything from the coolest T-shirt you'll ever own, to a coffee mug with the nutritional info printed on the side!

If there's something missing that you'd like to see, drop us a line at or let the good folks at know!


I thought you guys did nutrition software? Why setup a store?

Everytime our customer support talk to our customers, the word 'love' keeps coming up. We love our customers, and it turns out, they love us. What better way to show that love than to enable the wearing of Cronometer swag!

We hope to have some items relevant to our users nutritional journey in here as soon as we can, such as branded weighing scales, blood test kits, etc.

Stay tuned for more developments.